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It's YOU!你来啦!







  • 一个共同成长和学习的平台,与亚裔女性创业者一起追求卓越

  • 在专业领域内展示和提升自己才能的机会

  • 建立有价值的社群联系和专业人脉

  • 实现自我价值,并对亚裔女性创业社群产生深远的影响



Join Hands to Shine: Ignite Dreams with Your Passion at Women Entrepreneurs

Dear Friends,

At Women Entrepreneurs, we believe that every woman has a unique light waiting to be discovered and shone upon others. We are seeking passionate and insightful women like you to join our Ambassador team. As a Women Entrepreneurs Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to illuminate the dreams of others, helping Asian female entrepreneurs find their path to success.


We are looking for more than just an ambassador; we seek a partner who truly understands and supports the dreams of Asian female entrepreneurs. Whether through event planning, member development, coaching training, or social media marketing strategy, your participation and contributions will inject new vitality and inspiration into the Women Entrepreneurs community.


Joining Women Entrepreneurs, you will gain:

  • A platform to grow and learn alongside Asian female entrepreneurs in pursuit of excellence.

  • Opportunities to showcase and enhance your talents in your professional field.

  • Valuable community connections and professional networking.

  • The chance to realize your own value and make a profound impact on the Asian female entrepreneurial community.


If you aspire to contribute to the development of Asian female entrepreneurs, please join our Women Entrepreneurs Ambassador team. Let's join hands to bring more light and hope to the world with our passion and intelligence.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Become AAWEA Ambassador

​Application form 女创大使申请表

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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