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Bo Peng


Bo Peng






彭博是AAWEA的创始人。她是一名拥有13年创业经验的创业者和商业教练。曾在中国多家教育机构任职。自2012年四月来美后,彭博利用自己在教育领域的经验先后创办了两个英语教育品牌。她热心服务美国社区和华人社区,多次举办中美文化交流活动。自2018年起,她开始关注亚裔女性成长和创业,于2019年5月举办了大华府地区首届“华人女性创业发展论坛”(“美国亚裔女性创业工场”前身)。为什么她要发起“AAWEA美国亚裔女性创业工场”组织呢?这是因为她经历了自己的创业之路,从中国到美国,从给人打工到自己创业,一路跌跌撞撞,5次创业,5次跌倒,到再一次站起来...... 她深知创业之路的艰辛和挑战,但是她相信每个人都可以成为自己人生的设计师,实现自己的梦想。


Bo Peng


- 10X Growth Entrepreneurship Coach

- CEO of Global Brain Trust of 1001 Crazy Minds

- 13-year Brand Marketing Operation Coach

- Accumulated coaching service hours over 3000+

Bo Peng is the founder of AAWEA. She is an entrepreneur and business coach with 13 years of startup experience. She has held positions at several educational institutions in China. Since coming to the United States in April 2012, Bo Peng has used her experience in the education field to create two English education brands. She is passionate about serving the American and Chinese communities and has held several Chinese-American cultural exchange events. Since 2018, she has begun to focus on the growth and entrepreneurship of Asian women. In May 2019, she held the first "Chinese Women's Entrepreneurship Development Forum" (the predecessor of the "Asian American Women Entrepreneurs Association") in the Greater Washington area.

Why did she initiate the AAWEA organization? This is because she has gone through her entrepreneurial journey, from China to the United States, from working for others to starting her own business, stumbling along the way, starting a company five times, falling five times, and then standing up again... She knows well the hardships and challenges of entrepreneurship, but she believes that everyone can be the designer of their own lives and realize their dreams.

A global pandemic has made everyone see the increasing vulnerability of the world. In the face of unclear variables, she also asked herself: "Who am I? What can I do?" She hopes that AAWEA can build a platform to help more women awaken their mission and find the meaning of life.


Bo Peng
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