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Hanqiang Xing



"1001 Minds" is an Internet-based Peer Advisory Group of coaching entrepreneurs, who are your personal think tank. They are the promoters of entrepreneurial activities. They are operators who are active in the creation of companies and the growth phase of start-ups. They are the ones who define themselves as crazy, but they define their own crazy - the "crazy" of sanity. This madness refers to the passion for professionalism. Their 'madness' is mainly emotional and combative, but in terms of grasping the current situation and economic operations, they are very sensible and reflect the light of wisdom. They have been persevering, exploring and plowing deep in their respective professional fields ......

The coaches of the "1001 Minds" Peer Advisory Group are powerful private directors with keen business insight and rich practical experience. This gene determines the cornerstone of their success.


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