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女创北卡分会茶香迎新岁 AAWEA NC Chapter New Year MeetUp

北卡的朋友们,你们准备好迎接一个充满东方韵味的圣诞节和新年了吗?🎄🎉 Hey North Carolina friends! Are you ready to embrace a Christmas and New Year filled with the charm of Eastern culture? 🎄🎉

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女创北卡分会茶香迎新岁 AAWEA NC Chapter New Year MeetUp
女创北卡分会茶香迎新岁 AAWEA NC Chapter New Year MeetUp


2023年12月21日 14:30 – 19:00

Q Noodles, 1026 Ryan Rd, Cary, NC 27511, USA



✨🍵 #北卡茶香迎新岁# ✨🍵


AAWEA美国亚裔女性创业工场——北卡分会🤝联手Q Noodles,为你带来一场独特的茶会活动——🌸 “茶香迎新岁:共品东方雅韵,启航创业新征程” 🌸。

📆 定好了时间:12月21日下午2:30-5:30。在这个节日氛围日益浓厚的时刻,我们一起在Q Noodles的温馨空间中,用一场富有中国传统风情的茶会,迎接新年的到来。

🍵 茶艺师清芷老师,将带领我们领略中国茶文化的深邃与魅力。不仅有机会品鉴三款独具特色的中国茶,更有机会深入了解每一款茶的背后故事和文化。

👭 交友的绝佳机会,在茶香弥漫中畅谈彼此的生活与梦想。这不仅是一场茶会,更是心灵的碰撞,文化的融合,创业灵感的孕育。

🍜 福利加码🎁!特别感谢Q Noodles♨的慷慨赞助,所有参与茶会的朋友们将享受Q Noodles提供的美味晚餐,让这个美妙的下午更加完美!

👗 Dress Code:穿上你的节日风格或中式服饰,让我们共同创造这场独特的文化盛宴。在这特别的日子里,让我们以最美的形态迎接新的一年。

💰 报名费用仅需$25/位,名额有限!快来报名参加,让我们在这个冬日里,共同感受茶香的暖意,点燃创业的激情。

🎊🍵 #探索茶与创业的奇妙旅程#,等你来启航!快加入我们,在茶香中告别旧岁,迎接新年的曙光吧!🌅💫🍵

📆 时间:12月21日下午2:30-7:00

📍 地点:美国北卡Cary, Q Noodles:1026 Ryan Rd, Cary, NC 27511


💌 期待与你相遇,在这份难得的温暖与智慧中共赏茶香!

The Asian American Women Entrepreneurs Association (AAWEA) North Carolina Chapter 🤝 in collaboration with Q Noodles, is thrilled to invite you to an exclusive tea event - 🌸 “Tea Aroma Welcoming the New Year: Embracing Eastern Elegance, Embarking on an Entrepreneurial Journey” 🌸.

📅 Mark Your Calendars: December 21st, 2:30-7:00 PM. Join us in the cozy ambience of Q Noodles for a traditional Chinese tea ceremony to welcome the upcoming New Year.

🍵 Led by our esteemed tea master, Ms. Qing Zhi, we’ll delve deep into the intricacies of Chinese tea culture. This is a unique opportunity to taste three distinct Chinese teas and uncover the stories and culture behind each one.

👭 More than just a tea gathering, this event is a confluence of souls, a blend of cultures, and a birthplace for entrepreneurial inspiration.

🍜 As an added bonus, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Q Noodles, all attendees will be treated to a delightful dinner, making the afternoon even more special!

👗 Dress Code: Don your festive attire or traditional Chinese wear, and let's create a unique cultural feast together. Let's welcome the New Year in our most beautiful attires.

💰 Registration Fee: Only $25 per person, with limited spots available! Sign up now to join us in this wintery warmth of tea fragrance, igniting the passion for entrepreneurship.

🎊🍵 #ExploreTheJourneyOfTeaAndEntrepreneurship#.

 Join us as we bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new dawn with the aroma of tea! 🌅💫🍵

📆 Time: December 21st, 2:30-7:00 PM

📍 Location: Q Noodles, 1026 Ryan Rd, Cary, NC 27511

This is more than just a tea gathering; it's an encounter of hearts, a fusion of cultures, and an awakening of entrepreneurial spirits.

💌 Looking forward to meeting you and sharing this rare warmth and wisdom over a cup of tea!


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