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Siying Li

Vice President

Siying拥有社会工作(儿童与家庭直接实践)、幼儿早期发展、广告学的专业背景。霍华德大学硕士。出国前,Siying曾在广告传媒公司从事文案策划,在电视台权威访谈和财经郎眼两个栏目做编导助理。来美国后转而学习教育和心理学。近七年来,持续深耕在儿童和家庭领域。通过在连锁私立幼儿园做班主任,为DCPS学龄前儿童提供心理干预和辅导,为初高中生和老师们提供Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) 指导,以及为VA社区的家暴受害者提供情感支持的方式,Siying切实帮助了DMV地区的孩子和家庭,使他们取得了成功并提升了幸福感。这让Siying也感受到巨大的满足。带着帮助更多孩子和家庭减少痛苦、获得成功与幸福的使命,Siying开始结合自己的专业,用社交媒体进行轻创业,持续为个人和社会的安定幸福做出贡献。作为美国亚裔女创工场的创始人之一,Siying看到美国亚裔女创群体存在着巨大潜力和力量。Siying由衷希望加速促进美国亚裔女性创业工场的发展,让美国亚裔女性互相支持、彼此陪伴、终身成长。

Siying has a professional background in social work (children and family direct practice), early childhood development, and advertising. She obtained her Master's degree from Howard University. Before going abroad, Siying worked as a copywriting planner in an advertising media company and as a director assistant in a provincial TV station. After coming to the United States, she switched to studying education and psychology-related subjects. In the past seven years, Siying continued to develop in the field of children and families by providing intervention and therapy for DCPS preschoolers, working as a class teacher in a chain of private kindergartens, hosting Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) sessions for middle and high school students and teachers, and offering emotional support to victims of DV in communities. Siying has helped many children and families in the DMV area, making them successful and improving their well-being. It makes Siying feel great satisfaction. With the mission of helping more children and families reduce pain and achieve success and happiness, Siying started to use social media to carry out light entrepreneurship to continue to contribute to the stability and well-being of individuals and society. As one of the founders of AAWEA, Siying sees great potential power in the Asian American female entrepreneurial community. Siying sincerely hopes to accelerate it. So that Asian American women can support and accompany each other, and grow throughout life.


Siying Li
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