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Bo Peng




Bo Peng is the founder of AAWEA. She is an entrepreneur and business coach with 13 years of experience in entrepreneurship. She has worked for several educational institutions in China. Since coming to the U.S. in April 2012, Bo Peng has used her experience in the education field to launch two English education brands. She is passionate about serving the American community and the Chinese community, and has organized many cultural exchange events between China and the United States. Since 2018, she has been focusing on Asian women entrepreneurship and held the first "Chinese Women Entrepreneurship Development Forum" in the Greater Washington area in May 2019.

Looking back on the first quarter of her life, she struggled from an ordinary girl in Wuhan to the United States, from working for others to starting her own business, stumbling along the way, starting 5 businesses, falling down 5 times, and standing up again, she sees entrepreneurship as a life discipline. She found that making herself better is not the goal, making others stronger and finding their mission is her goal. A global epidemic showed the increasing vulnerability of the world, and in the unseen variables, she was asking herself: "Who am I? What can I really do? "She hopes AAWEA can build a platform to help more women awaken to their mission.


Bo Peng
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