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FD Book Cafe


FD Book Cafe是一家位于马里兰Kentlands社区的特色咖啡馆。我们于2019年秋天开业,致力于提供丰富的文化体验和美味的食品。我们的独特之处在于,我们将咖啡馆和书店的理念结合在一起,为客户提供一站式的精神和物质满足。我们的咖啡、书籍以及创新的自制冷冻食品系列,都是我们积极响应和挑战困难的象征。


如今,FD Book Cafe已经远超过了一个商业场所的角色,它成为了创新思想、激发梦想和社区联系的平台。我们在这里售卖的每一款产品,无论是食品、饮料还是艺术品,都代表着一个人的梦想和激情。我们的孩子们也在这里学习如何在面临挑战时逆流而上,积极向上的精神已经深深地烙印在他们的心中。

我们的目标是让FD Book Cafe能够照亮我们的社区,传播坚韧不拔、团队合作和永不放弃的精神。我们正在努力实现这个目标,希望我们的努力能够感染到更多的人,帮助他们找到生活的力量和希望。"

FD Book Cafe is a unique cafe located in the beautiful Kentlands community. We opened in the fall of 2019, committed to offering a rich cultural experience and delicious food. Our uniqueness lies in combining the concepts of a cafe and a bookstore, providing a one-stop spiritual and physical fulfillment for our customers. Our coffee, books, and innovative homemade frozen food series are symbols of our active response and challenge to adversity.

The pandemic in 2020 brought significant challenges, but we firmly refuse to let any adversity bring us down. Although we were a nascent business, we weathered that difficult period successfully with our innovation and persistence, as well as strong community support. We found a new way of survival by launching our homemade frozen food and beverage series. This innovative step not only helped us stabilize our business but also brought a new gastronomic experience to our customers.

Today, FD Book Cafe has gone far beyond the role of a commercial venue. It has become a platform for innovative thoughts, inspiration of dreams, and community connections. Each product we sell here, be it food, beverages, or artwork, represents someone's dream and passion. Our children also learn how to swim upstream in the face of challenges here, and the positive spirit has deeply imprinted in their hearts.

Our goal is to let FD Book Cafe light up our community, spreading the spirit of perseverance, teamwork, and never giving up. We are working towards this goal and hope our efforts can inspire more people, helping them find the power and hope in life.

Address: 422 Main St, Gaithersburg MD 20878

Store Hours: Thursday to Sunday 9am to 6pm (special hours may apply)

Phone: 240-261-6505


We partner with UberEats, Doordash and Grubhub in delivery and pick up.


FD Book Cafe
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